SVARDOS HELP SYSTEM [20230825][commands]
+------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | For a detailed help on any given command, either run the command with | | the /? argument or consult the documentation in %DOSDIR%\DOC\. | +------------------------------------------------------------------------+

Internal (SvarCOM) commands


External commands

AMB AMB reader (used by HELP) ATTRIB display and set file attributes CHKDSK check FAT FS for errors CHOICE present a choice to the user and wait for a key press COMMAND . DEBUG program testing and editing tool DELTREE delete files and directories with all included files and subdirs DISKCOPY copy one disk or image file to another DISPLAY driver for codepage management (screen or printer) DOSFSCK checks the consistency of DOS file systems and optionally repear them FC file compare utility FDAPM APM/ACPI energy saving TSR FDISK fixed disk partition tool FIND display all lines in one or more files that contain a given string FORMAT disk formatting program, creates FAT file systems HELP SvarDOS help HIMEMX XMS memory manager KEYB keyboard driver for international support LABEL sets or changesthe disk volume label LOCALCFG locales preferences configuration tool MEM display used and free RAM MODE . MORE display output one screen at a time MOVE move files from here to there PKG installs, removes and updates packages PKGNET pulls packages from the online SvarDOS repository SHSUCDX . SORT . SVED system text editor SYS . TREE display the folder structure of a drive or path