SVARDOS HELP SYSTEM ver 20230217[mouse]


To be able to use your mouse in your programs, you need a mouse driver. SvarDOS has no mouse driver by default, but there's a package for it. It's called CTMOUSE (CuteMouse). You need to install this package.


If your SvarDOS system is connected to the internet, you can just type: pkgnet pull ctmouse pkg install ctmouse.svp Otherwise you need to download 'ctmouse.svp' an another computer and supply it to your SvarDOS installation by, e.g., floppy disk or USB drive. Then type: pkg install [<path to>]ctmouse.svp


If you don't care about the language CTMOUSE displays messages, then just add this line to your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. Messages will then be displayed in English. C:\DRIVERS\CTMOUSE\CTMOUSE.EXE That's it! Now reboot your system to get the driver loaded. But if you prefer CTMOUSE messages in your own language, check if CTMOUSE is available in that language by looking at the CTM-*.EXE files in the C:\DRIVERS\CTMOUSE\CTMOUSE\ directory. BR means Brazilian Portuguese, DE stands for Deutsch (German), and so on. If you managed to find your language supported by CTMOUSE, then add this line to your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT. C:\DRIVERS\CTMOUSE\CTMOUSE\CTM-xx.EXE (Where xx stands for your language code.)


To let CTMOUSE messages adapt to your SvarDOS system's language automatically, add the following lines to your C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT after the SET LANG=xx line. SET CTM_BASEPATH=C:\DRIVERS\CTMOUSE SET CTM_FULLPATH=%CTM_BASEPATH%\CTMOUSE\CTM-%LANG%.EXE IF NOT EXIST %CTM_FULLPATH% SET CTM_FULLPATH=%CTM_BASEPATH%\CTMOUSE.EXE %CTM_FULLPATH% SET CTM_BASEPATH= SET CTM_FULLPATH= This will make your SvarDOS look for the translated CTMOUSE version first. If that does not exist, then it falls back to English.


If you decided to have multiple configurations in your CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT you would save the lines from paragraph LANGUAGE-AWARE AUTO-SETUP to a batch file, e.g., C:\BATCH\LOAD-CTM.BAT. Add an @ECHO OFF as the first line. Then you can spread the next line to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, wherever needed. CALL C:\BATCH\LOAD-CTM.BAT See also: * SvarDOS packages management * Networking * C:\DRIVERS\CTMOUSE\DOC\CTMOUSE.TXT