SVARDOS HELP SYSTEM ver 20230217[network]


For enabling network connectivity you first need to know what kind of network adapter you have, and obtain a suitable packet driver for it. The "crynwr" package contains lots of packet drivers for a variety of network adapters. There is also a packet driver for Intel Pro cards in the e1000pkt package, and a driver for AMD PC-NET cards in the pcntpk package. You need to get the packet driver for your card onto the machine, and load it. Then, you should be able to access the internet and get anything else you need using wget, htget, gopherus and other network-enabled applications. Note that packet drivers are mostly available for old-ish interfaces. If you have some modern ethernet card, then there might not be a packet driver available for it.


Perhaps these links could provide some pointers: <> <> There is also EtherDFS, which is a very lightweight and easy solution for file-sharing between DOS and Linux (but it does require a Linux PC and some basic understanding of how Linux works): <>


VirtualBox is able to emulate an AMD PC-NET NIC (you need to make sure of that in the configuration of your VM, VirtualBox calls it "PCnet-FAST III" and it should be set to "NAT"). Then, in SvarDOS you have to install the pcntpk.svp package - you don't even need to download it, it's already present on the installation image. 1a) If you have SvarDOS floppy images present, it should be as simple as that: pkg install a:\pcntpk.svp Proceed with step 2. 1b) If you want to use the ISO image instead, boot from the virtual CD-ROM drive and press ESC to leave the SvarDOS installer. Then type: set dosdir=C:\SVARDOS pkg install pcntpk.svp Reboot your SvarDOS VM from hard disk. 2) Finally, load the packet driver as such: c:\drivers\pcntpk\pcntpk int=0x60 ...and that's it. From now on, you should be able to search through the available online packages and install extra software, for example: pkgnet pull gopherus pkg install gopherus.svp (gopherus is a gopher browser) To search through the list of available packages in the online repository, use that: pkgnet search your_search_term