SVARDOS HELP SYSTEM ver 20230217[pkg]

SvarDOS packages management

To install or remove software on your SvarDOS system, use the "pkg" command. pkg is a package manager to allow installing new software from SvarDOS packages and removing existing software from the system. To learn about exact pkg usage, type pkg /? in the SvarDOS command line shell. You may obtain many SvarDOS packages from the SvarDOS web homepage at <>. If your SvarDOS system is connected to the internet, then you may also use the "pkgnet" command. pkgnet is a network tool that makes it easy to search for SvarDOS packages in the SvarDOS repository and download them right away. Type pkgnet /? in the SvarDOS command line shell to learn about exact pkgnet usage. See also: * The technical format of a SvarDOS package * Packages inclusion rules